The NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission (T2DR) Programme provides a low-calorie diet treatment for people who are overweight and living with Type 2 diabetes to lose weight, improve their diabetes control, reduce diabetes-related medication and, in some cases, put their diabetes into remission.

What is the programme?

The programme has three phases:

  1. Total Diet Replacement: 12 weeks, with all meals replaced by total diet replacement (TDR) products
  2. Food re-introduction: 6 weeks, gradual reintroduction of real food
  3. Weight maintenance: To 52 weeks, ongoing support to build and maintain healthy lifestyles.

The whole programme, including coaching and all total diet replacement products, is free for participants. 

Greater Manchester GP Information

Participating GP practices across Greater Manchester are able to refer eligible patients into the programme.

Please click here to visit our Greater Manchester GP information page for more information on -

  • What the programme is and how it works
  • Features and structure of the 12 month programme
  • Who is eligible for the programme
  • How to refer your patients including medication adjustment guidance
  • Primary care incentives

Results so far

We are seeing some amazing results so far. On average participants lose 10-15% of their starting weight. Read Derek's story below