Useful Resources

The NHS has some great resources online to help with weight loss which are free to download. One of these is the NHS weight loss plan which was developed in association with the British Dietetic Association. The plan promotes safe and sustainable weight loss and is delivered through 12 weekly information packs. Other features of this plan include an activity and food chart to help you record calories, exercise and weight loss and there’s even an online community to help support you with your weight loss journey.

You can also visit the Diabetes UK website for more information about weight loss and diabetes, what is a healthy weight and the benefits of losing weight including type 2 diabetes remission. You will be able to access 7 day meal plans, information about the emotional side to trying to lose weight and top tips for getting to a healthy weight here.

Local services

If you are overweight and trying to lose some weight it can feel really daunting to start with, but please remember you are not alone and there’s lots of free help out there! A good place to start is by visiting your GP surgery. They can do an assessment of your general health, discuss a weight loss plan that works for you and signpost you to local resources to help you achieve your goals.

If you would prefer to attend a weight loss support group, you can find local services through the NHS by clicking here or visit the Get Local page for what's on in your area.

Someone writing 'Weight loss starts here' in a diary